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DuraStripe vs. Painted Lines

DuraStripe is an inexpensive, quick, easily installed and maintained, durable industrial floor marking system which provides exceptional versatility over painting options.

When all the costs of floor preparation, labor and downtime are calculated, painting safety lines can cost $6.00 or more per foot. Add to this the difficulty of getting sealed or polished floors to accept paint, and the colossal effort required to remove painted lines when reconfiguration is required and you have an extremely expensive, inefficient process for bringing your factory floor into safety compliance.

With options starting as low as $1.00/per linear foot, choosing DuraStripe for your floor marking needs offers numerous advantages in price and efficiency. DuraStripe can be installed on a working factory floor during regular working hours. It requires no additional downtime or cure time. It adheres readily to sealed and polished floors and allows durable detailed graphic floor signage to be installed in minutes.

Please contact us for DuraStripe samples to learn how this remarkable product will save time and money in your facility.

DuraStripe VS Paint
The advantages of Peel & Stick   Paint
Simply peel and stick to install   Costly
Exceptional durability   Time consuming
Backed by a 2 year warranty   Dry time and cure time = overtime or downtime
No dry time, cure time or emitted fumes   Difficult to remove for reconfiguration
11 standard colors and limitless custom color possibilities   Harmful gases
Wide range of Peel & Stick shapes, letters and numbers   Chipping and cracking may occur
Different versions to target specific floor conditions   Costly to maintain consistent appearance
Trouble free removal for reconfiguration    
Easily maintained and repaired