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What is 5S?

Sort, Simplify, Scrub, Standardize, Sustain, (& Safety)

5S is a program based on five terms beginning with "S", designed to create a workplace suited for visual control and lean production.

  • Sort means to separate needed materials from unnecessary materials.
  • Simplify means to neatly arrange and identify parts and tools for ease of use.
  • Scrub means to conduct a cleanup campaign.
  • Standardize means to Sort, Simplify, and Scrub at frequent intervals to maintain an ideally efficient workplace.
  • Sustain means to form the habit of always following the first four "S"s.
  • Some practitioners have added a 6th 'S' for Safety, which is an important cornerstone of any workplace enhancement.

Where does DuraStripe come in?

DuraStripe, with its quick and easy "peel-and-stick" application, its numerous, vivid, long lasting colors, and its simple, no-residue removal, is the ideal tool for an effective 5S program. After the Sort stage, you are ready to use DuraStripe to color-code zones and reserve areas for each material and activity. When this is done, there will be no doubt, - and no excuse for - creating clutter – the enemy of efficient use of time and space.

DuraStripe stands up to regular cleaning, with vivid colors that don't fade over time. Workspaces defined by DuraStripe always look clean and tidy. DuraStripe is the most customizable 5S product on the market. From the stripes to the Pux (dots), other die-cut icons, and customizable products, your 5S visual marking needs are all met in one stop!