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When Durastripe Is Not Recommended

DuraStripe is a remarkably durable product for safety marking and floor signage, but it will not work in all situations.

Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing projects require a great deal of flexibility and adaptable components. The words, "Continuous Improvement" themselves even inspire adaptability and reorganization, which is exactly what DuraStripe provides. A solution that is not only flexible, but durable as well. However, there are several instances where tape will not perform well.

The following is a list of applications where the use of DuraStripe is not recommended and could potentially present a safety hazard.

  • In freezers and environments where the ambient temperature regularly drops below 4°C (40°F), only DuraStripe Deep Freeze can be used
  • Any diamond plate surface
  • Underwater
  • Textured or pebbled concrete surfaces. (In the case of a fine grit texture, Supreme might possibly work, but we recommend testing before purchase)
  • Excessively wet or oily floors and floors that "sweat" in the summer humidity
  • Excessively gouged or chipped floors
  • Using DuraStripe to cover paint that is releasing from the floor
  • Stair treads

In addition, although DuraStripe can work in certain outdoor applications, we do not warranty it for outdoor use.