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How to assemble Your LED Interactive Sign

Interactive Safety Sign Assembly Guide

The following components are supplied with the Interactive Pedestrian/Forklift Safety signs:
Each of the male and female jacks for each connection is numbered in sequence, starting from the sign and continuing to the power supply as shown to the right:
When the sign is connected properly in series, following the numbered connections will make it impossible to wire the sign improperly. The picture to the right shows the connections and the series in the proper order.
  • Segment #1 - Connects the LED controller (to control pattern and speed of flash) to 10m grey wire
  • Segment #2 - Connects grey wire (18 gauge/2 wire) to Infrared motion detector
  • Segment #3 - Connects motion detector to 10m of grey wire (18 gauge/2 wire). Motion Detector is adjustable per the included instructions
  • Segment #4 - Connects grey wire to 60W/12V power supply
  • Segment #5 - Power supply is then wired as desired by end user to 110V power source.
Dimmer Adjustment
To LED Strip
Red - Positive
Black - Negative
To 5~24V Power Supply
Red - Positive
Black - Negative


  1. Connect LED strip to LED output on the controller
  2. Connect power cable to 5~24VDC power supply as shown. Input voltage should match the voltage of the LED strip.

Key Functions: MODE: Press this key to switch between 8 dynamic modes. SPEED / BRIGHTNESS - / Power Off: Dynamic Mode - Quickly press to adjust the speed of the dynamic modes, 10 different speeds are available. Static Mode - Quickly press to adjust brightness, 10 levels of brightness are available. Power Off - Press and hold for about 1 second to switch controller off. Press any key to turn controller back on. On wake-up the controller will resume using the settings in use prior to power off. LIGHT / BRIGHTNESS + : Switches to Static Mode. Press to increase brightness. Press and hold key for 1 second to select max brightness.


Interactive Box Safety Sign Assembly Guide

1. Plug Male ends of power cords into Female ends of power supply.
2. Plug Male ends of power cords into Female ends of the Power Control Boxes
3. Plug Male ends of white cord into Female end of Sensor boxes (x4)