Our Story

The story of Ergomat is the story of a young upstart breathing new life into a mature market. Over the past quarter century, where Ergomat has innovated, other safety suppliers have been sure to follow. Before we led the market with enlightened problem solving, ergonomic matting did not exist. No attention was paid to environment and function specific industrial matting. There was no durable peel-and-stick floor marking system for aisle striping, safety and 5S applications. No competitors were incorporating energy saving, task improving LED components into ergonomic and safety equipment.

We have never sold commodities based on price or volume. Our guiding objective has always been to partner with clients, applying our unique expertise to supplying tailored solutions distinguished by their effectiveness and value. Confirmation of the success of our approach is found in growing numbers of first time and returning clients who look to Ergomat for innovative approaches to the challenges they face.