Paying attention to workplace ergonomics is not a corporate luxury. Plain and simple, it simply makes good business sense. The primary focus of a workplace ergonomics program is the reduction or elimination of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). MSDs in a labor force manifest in many ways including reduced productivity and substandard output, as well as increased absenteeism and Workers Compensation premiums. When compared to the direct and indirect costs of these factors, the value of employing effective ergonomic equipment in the workplace is easily understood.

The National Safety Council has conservatively estimated that 40% of workplace injuries are sprains and strains, and that the indirect cost of these injuries is at least 4 times the direct cost. With the direct cost of MSDs estimated in the US at $15-20 billion annually, the indirect cost could be upwards of $100 billion.

Accidents that don't happen translate directly into Workers Compensation insurance savings. Chronic aches and pains which aren't suffered result in a more efficient, productive, happier workforce. For more than two decades, Ergomat has supplied proactive ergonomic and safety products to help industrial clients avoid the direct and indirect costs of countless chronic injuries and safety hazards. Those clients have found their investment in Ergomat to be a long term investment in incident prevention and workplace wellness.