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Evacuation Solutions: DuraStripe Glow

Clear Instructions in Light or Dark

OSHA standards require that exit routes must be lighted and appropriately marked, and that all fire exits must be clearly visible. What happens to these illuminated exits when the power goes out? DuraStripe Glow products provide a clearly visible and durable solution to ensure that your employees and visitors can find the way out, especially in the event of a power failure. Now there is no reason to be afraid of the dark!

Available in 3 options:

    1. DuraStripe Glow Aisle Marking
      • Available colors: Red, Yellow, White, and Green
      • Available Sizes: 4"x 50'
        • 0.25" Glow Strip (No Text)
        • 1" Glow Strip (Your Text Here)
    2. DuraStripe Glow Signs
      • All DuraStripe Signs are available as 2 Color Glow versions
    3. DuraStripe Glow Footprints
      • 9.5" x 3.5" 20 per pack (10 left / 10 right)

Case Study

Client: An Indiana Automaker

Situation: Client required Kaizen floor markings to promote orderly facility evacuation in the case of fire, and efficient assembly in storm shelters in the event of dangerous weather. Markings had to remain vivid and provide clear direction in the midst of a power failure.

Solution: ERGOMAT supplied supplemental pedestrian footprints that were incorporated into their aisle marking standard. Two supplemental marking formats were provided to be inserted into their pedestrian marking plan as follows:

Fire evacuation directions were indicated on red footprint icons that included directional arrows and text reading FIRE EXIT. Arrows and text were overprinted on a bright and lasting glow-in-the-dark material that complies with DIN64517 Class C, ASTM E2072-04, and ASTM E0203-07 Standards.

Directions to designated storm shelters were indicated on green footprints produced in the same way with arrows and text reading STORM SHELTER.

These specifically developed materials are an exceptionally effective safety tool because they serve to constantly reinforce employee awareness of safety procedures under normal working conditions. As safety hazards escalate, these markings become significantly more prominent elements in the scheme of plant floor communication.