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Furniture Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is the maximum weight capacity for the chairs?


2) Can you provide us with custom table top colors and sizes/types?

Yes, we can, however these would need to be quoted separately, and the delivery delay is approximately 3-6 weeks depending on color, type and quantity required.

3) What is the difference between a Sit/Stand and a chair?

Sit/Stands are not designed for or intended to be used as chairs. The proper use of this furniture is to lean back into the angled seat pan for 25 to 35 minutes at a time. It is not intended to be used as a stool.

4) Why aren’t casters recommended on Sit/Stands?

Since the intended use is to lean back into the Sit/Stand, it is typically offered with glides, and not casters. This is the safest way to use it. Although some customers have requested that their Sit/Stands be equipped with lock-on casters (casters which lock when weight is applied) we do not recommend this configuration.