Innovation Leaders

The history of Ergomat is a quarter century history of creative, innovative problem solving for the industrial and commercial market.

  • First ergonomic industrial floor mat
  • First 8-year industrial floor mat warranty
  • First ergonomic matting engineered to meet specific working environments and requirements
  • First ergonomic floor mats to be available in any size and shape
  • First to market lasting peel-&-stick floor markings
  • First to incorporate flexible LED lighting solutions into ergonomic matting

In addition, Ergomat has applied their manufacturing expertise to providing economical solutions for short run and large format custom floor signage, In-line communications and interactive LED warning signs.

Ergomat is not complacent. Innovation is part of our corporate DNA. Our satisfaction comes from partnering with like-minded clients to find new approaches for addressing and solving emerging ergonomic and safety challenges, making a safer, healthier, better workplace for all.