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Repairing an Ergomat Mat

Follow our simple instructions for repairing your matting.

The necessary materials and procedures for repairing an Ergomat are different depending on if the mat is polyurethane or rubber. For small repairs, Ergomat can supply an appropriate repair kit. For larger repairs, it is best to contact Ergomat. In every case it is also advisable to email photos of the damage that needs to be repaired.

Polyurethane is typically repaired with a 2 part activated adhesive that is applied with a small paint brush, or an instant adhesive for small tears. Although the video below shows the process for bonding a regular seam, the procedure would be the same for fixing a small irregular tear.

Rubber mats are repaired with a small amount of an instant adhesive as shown below.

Instructions for bonding the seams or tears in ERGOMAT rubber mats with instant adhesive.

1. Mat faces should be bonded from the underside when possible. 2. Apply Instant Liquid adhesive to one edge of a mat that is to be bonded. 3. Bond the edges. Perfectly align edges to be bonded. 4. Below, you can see that the seam of the bonded mat is almost imperceptible.  

Again, although this bonding process is indicated with a regular seam, the repair process for small, irregular tears should be similar.