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Matting Vs. Shoe Insoles

Cushioned Insoles are NO MATCH for Ergonomic & Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting

There is a fundamental difference between the way an ergonomic mat works, and the way a cushioning insole works. Ergonomic matting is engineered to provide both muscular stimulation and cushioning underfoot. Insoles are limited to simply providing a cushion.

This important difference is achieved with ergonomic matting because of its varied surface profile. As an individual moves around on ergonomic mats, the subtle differences in the surface stimulate muscle activity which in turn stimulates circulation in the feet, legs and lower back. This is the physiological effect which combats fatigue by keeping blood from pooling in the lower extremities. Shoe insert can only provide a cushion and not the changes in surface resistance and profile which are critical to muscle stimulation and ergonomic effectiveness.