LED Matting Solutions from Ergomat



Shed more light on floor level and overhead assembly, repair and Quality Assurance tasks with this innovative LED flooring solution from ERGOMAT

  • Designed to illuminate work area with direct LED lighting and reflected light from silver flooring surface.
  • Diffusing lens balances lighting pattern for underbody assembly and quality assurance functions in paint and other critical departments.
  • Diffused lighting protects vision
  • Exceptionally energy efficient – 5 feet of lighting strip draws just 1 amp @ 12 V
  • Develop your own custom lighting pattern tailored to the specific functions and tasks
  • Resilient flooring cushions dropped or falling parts to protect from damage

Contact ERGOMAT to see how this LED flooring solution will brighten your outlook by enhancing quality and productivity.

LED Matting Customization Options

Mat Style


Indicate Dimensions & Unit of Measure

Yellow Bevels

LED Lighting Pattern

Underbody LED directed straight up. 40" Apart from center is recommended for full coverage.


Wheel well lower panel LED directed from the side at a 45° angle giving coverage to lower half of vehicle.


X Pattern and perpindicular paint inspection use light and shadow for inspection

Custom Shape

If you need an irregular shaped mat, please check here to attach a drawing and complete the form

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