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Ergonomic vs. Antifatigue Matting

How does an ergonomic mat work?

Ergomat ergonomic mats are designed to stimulate circulation in feet, legs and lower back. Circulation is stimulated by the unique, patented surface profile of Ergomat mats, which forces muscular response. Ergomat mats are true ergonomic mats; they are carefully engineered to provide the optimal balance between compression and resistance, which is critical to achieving the appropriate muscle stimulation. The best way to understand what an ergonomic mat is designed to do is to compare it to the suspension of a car. Like the suspension, it absorbs and disperses shock, while providing the necessary support for stability.




Why is ergonomic matting important?

Like all ergonomic tools, ergonomic matting is designed to work with the human body to ease the tasks that the body performs. In the case of a standing work station, these mats are of critical importance in reducing or eliminating short-term fatigue and discomfort, as well as long-term negative cumulative effects of strain and stress injury. These benefits also lead to real savings through increased productivity and worker moral, and decreases in sick leave, workers' compensation claims and substandard production due to operators' lack of concentration caused by fatigue.

When is it a good idea to use a 'smooth' mat (an anti-fatigue mat)?

A smooth mat will reduce fatigue and strain of standing while working. It is ideal for areas where carts and trolleys are used and where frequent walking may occur or heels may be worn.

Advantages and benefits of Ergomat anti-fatigue and ergonomic mats for employees:

  • They stimulate blood circulation and prevent cramps
  • They reduce fatigue and minimize the number of industrial accidents
  • They increase workplace safety
  • They improve the working environment and increase job satisfaction
  • They reduce sick leave
  • They reduce the costs associated with sickness/absence
  • They lead to increased productivity and may increase earnings

Why does Ergomat offer so many choices?

The various mats in the Ergomat family of ergonomic matting are designed to provide optimal solutions for specific industries and working conditions. Rather than selling mats, we prefer to provide real, long lasting comprehensive solutions for industry specific workplace environments.