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If you are not sure which Ergomat products will work best in your facility we make it very easy for you to get small samples for testing and evaluation.

Ergomat offers an extensive selection of matting and floor marking products tailored to specific working conditions and environments. To assist you in determining the most effective products for your needs we will send you small samples based on your answers to the following questions so you can give them a try! Each sample box is customized according to your specific needs – please click the icons below to choose your samples and we will send your samples out immediately. *Please note, the sample photo may not exactly represent the sample kit contents.

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The Ergomat product line includes a variety of matting styles which effectively address the challenges faced in your specific work environment. Please complete the checklist below to give us a little information about your working conditions and requirements, and we will be happy to send you appropriate small matting samples for your review and consideration.

DuraStripe offers a variety of styles to match the specific characteristics of your floor. Please complete the checklist below to give us a little information about your environment, and we will be happy to send you a small box of recommended samples for your testing.

Consider a DuraStripe Starter Kit for more comprehensive testing
We know purchasing DuraStripe floor marking products for a project is an important decision, and small samples may not allow you to conduct the more thorough testing that is required. If you need to conduct more extensive testing, please take a look at our DuraStripe Starter kits - a complete trial pack that will allow you to thoroughly test the DuraStripe floor striping, signage and 5S shapes! A winning combo!

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We strongly encourage testing the products before making a final decision. Several factors may influence the performance of the product in each individual area.
*Warranty does not cover damage caused by pushed or dragged items across product.
**Never install DuraStripe on old painted lines or chipped paint. See installation procedures.

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Sample requests take a minimum of a week to process. If your sample request is urgent and need to receive your samples sooner, please contact us!

Although these samples are free, we cannot always offer free shipping. In some cases, once we receive your request, a Customer Service representative may call you for a shipping account before sending your samples.