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DuraStripe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How clean does the floor need to be prior to applying DuraStripe?

For best product performance, a clean floor surface is crucial for aggressive surface adhesion. You do not want to apply DuraStripe directly over elements like old tape or chipping paint residue that could release from the floor, releasing the DuraStripe along with it.

More detailed installation information can be found by clicking here.

2) Do you have any video instructions concerning DuraStripe installation?

Yes, our library of relevant DuraStripe videos can be viewed using the following links:

Should you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to assist you !

3) How should the floor be cleaned prior to applying DuraStripe?

The most important factor in preparing the floor for successful DuraStripe application is that the floor should be cleaned with a product that leaves no residue. For that reason, we advise against using industrial degreasers, heavily chlorinated, or citrus based cleaners. Any cleaner that leaves a haze or an oily residue will adversely affect surface adhesion. In situations where these types of cleaners must be used, it is critical to rinse the floor with clean water as many times as necessary to eliminate residue before applying the striping material. Our proprietary DuraStripe Cleaner is not only a great cleaning product for maintaining DuraStripe products after installation, it is also recommended for cleaning prior to installation.

More detailed installation information can be found by clicking here.

4) Do I need an applicator?

From our experience, it is faster, more efficient and easier to install long runs of DuraStripe in a straight line by hand in progressive 20' to 30' increments without using an applicator. Once the floor is cleaned, straight installation is easily maintained by shooting a laser line across the floor to align the edge of DuraStripe in a linear installation. Once the Stripe is down, driving a tow motor in line down the stripe compresses the adhesive to the floor and completes the installation.

5) How long will DuraStripe maintain its color?

The surface layer of stock DuraStripe striping and icon products is completely impregnated with the product color. Consequently the color will not fade or scrape away in use. DuraStripe is easily maintained with DuraStripe Cleaner or other cleaner that is typically used in a floor scrubber. If you have specific questions as to how the product will stand up to your specific cleaning regimen, please contact us.

6) How do I remove DuraStripe when desired?

In order to remove DuraStripe products, slide a sharp instrument like a putty knife under a corner or an edge of the DuraStripe material and peel it up. It may be helpful to use pliers or vice grips for more leverage. For best results on removing striping, pull back directly against the path of the stripe.

In the event that any adhesive residue remains, it can be softened and removed if saturated with a citrus cleaner and scraped when necessary. Please note that if new striping is to be installed where citrus cleaner has been applied, cleaner residue must be completely removed from the flooring surface with water or a mild DuraStripe Cleaner rinse, or else adhesion of the new material will be compromised.

More detailed removal information can be found by clicking here.

7) Is DuraStripe available in custom colors?

Although it is difficult to create DuraStripe with an exact color match, we do have 2 viable options for producing custom colors. For a large custom color need we can produce DuraStripe material closely matching a PMS or RAL spec with a significant minimum order requirement. For smaller custom color needs, we can use our in-line printing process to match your color choice in 2", 3" and 4" striping in 50' lengths. Striping produced in this way can also include text and graphics as necessary.

8) How thick is a mil.?

A mil is 1/1000 of an inch (.001 in.). Nominal thickness of DuraStripe products is specified in mils. 

9) Can I purchase DuraStripe in non-standard dimensions?

DuraStripe is available in custom widths 1" to 34" (2.5cm to 86.5cm). Please note that whenever a custom width is specified, the adhesive layer of the stripe will be applied from edge to edge, and the material edge will not be beveled. Please call us or your local dealer for quotation.

10) Are there circumstances when DuraStripe is not recommended?

The following is a list of applications where the use of DuraStripe is not recommended and could potentially present a safety hazard.

  • Floors that "sweat" excessively in the summer humidity
  • Covering paint that is releasing from the floor
  • Stair treads

Only DuraStripe Outdoor MAX is recommended for use on

  • Any diamond plate surface
  • Excessively gouged or chipped floors
  • Textured or mildly pebbled concrete surfaces.

DuraStripe Cold Storage, DuraStripe Outdoor and DuraStripe Outdoor MAX are the only DuraStripe Products recommended for cold storage and outdoor applications.