Ergomat supports a broad based, comprehensive sustainability policy which is constructed on three interrelated interests.

  1. Precycling
  2. Conservation
  3. Recycling

Precycling is an approach to sustainable materials management which minimizes environmental impact through waste reduction and resource conservation. Ergomat embraced this concept well before it was fashionable - or even had a name - by supplying customers with the most exceptional matting products with the longest warranties. The difference between competing products with a 2 year warranty and an Ergomat 8 year warranty means 3 fewer product turns, 300% less landfill space occupied. 3 times less production energy consumed and 3 times less transportation resources utilized.

Conserving and protecting human as well as economic resources must be a fundamental consideration of any rational sustainability program. The entirety of Ergomat's product line delivers lasting economic value with the most effective, durable ergonomic and safety products available in the industrial market.

Ergomat matting products are single material products molded from virgin polyurethane or rubber, making them readily recyclable at the end of their service life. In recent months, Ergomat clients have been asking in increasing numbers for assistance in their recycling efforts. In order to further our environmentally responsible partnership with them, we are currently working on a formal program to give retired mats a second act after their remarkably effective primary use.