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How To Use Wound Band-It

Simple & Versatile Bandage Systems for Animals

The Wound Bandit product line provides an effective, non-intrusive system for treating various animal injuries, including cuts, scrapes and hot spots.

Animal Soft Animal Soft is a cross-elastic, cohesive dressing that sticks only to itself, not fur, skin or wounds. It can be used on any limb or body part that can be completely wrapped, and it is flexible enough that it can be wrapped around joints without restricting range of motion.
Animal Vet Animal Vet offers the same adhesion properties and application flexibility in a larger, more absorbent material. It is typically used to dress larger wounds or skin irritations on larger animals.
Animal Polster Animal Polster is always used in conjunction with Animal Vet to fix dressings on body parts that cannot be effectively wrapped. It is an adhesive product that will stick to hair and skin which holds the Animal Vet in place.