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Ergomat Advantages

Great Ergonomics With Unbeatable Durability

Ergomats provide the best ergonomic relief to workers. Ergomats are proven to help better the health of workers by stimulating blood circulation, preventing cramps, reducing tiredness and preventing industrial accidents. What does this mean for the employer? It reduces employee absenteeism and sickness, reduces employee costs, increases productivity and increases earnings.

Ergomat matting products have the best warranties on the market (up to 12-years!) because they are made of only the most quality materials. Ergomat wet/chemical mats are made of 100% non-porous Nitrile rubber. Ergomat dry/retail mats are made of solid core 100% Polyurethane.

Many major car manufactures have had Ergomat matting products down in their facilities for years without having to replace them due to our products' resilience to wear and tear, which eliminates replacement costs (lean manufacturing).


  • Quick loss of anti-fatigue properties
  • Higher health and safety costs
  • Sandwich mat foam layer compresses in high traffic areas creating trough


Customized Solutions
Ergomat matting is available in both standard and custom sizes to match the exact dimensions of any work cell. Single-piece mats in any size and shape prevent trip hazards.



  • Jigsaw puzzle interlocking assembly
  • Overlapping / taped mats
  • Matting pieces eventually don't fit together and create tripping hazards for workers


Beveled Edges
Ergomat matting products have beveled edges on all sides to prevent trip hazards. Since the molded bevels are made of the same material as the rest of the mat, Ergomat mats don't swell or shrink and always remain flat against the ground.


Use two different materials that will react in opposite ways to weight being put on the mat. This will cause the edges to curl up. The curled and chipped edges create dangerous trip hazards


Industry / Environment Specific
There are numerous Ergomat mats with different properties: ESD (anti-static), fire-retardant, chemical resistant, anti-slip, cold insulated, autoclavable, shock-absorbent, etc. You can match an Ergomat to your specific environment needs to get the most out of it while getting unbelievable ergonomic relief.

Ergomat vs. Competition
No other matting company provides ergonomic matting engineered to meet the needs of specific work environments and industries.