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How To Install A Ground Cord & Snap on an ESD mat

Simple Steps for Installation

Ergomat will install ground cords on anti-static, ESD and conductive mats according to client specifications when mats are being produced, but in situations where it is necessary to install the snaps and cords on location after mats have been placed, the following procedure should be followed.

  1. In installations where the antistatic properties of a mat are an important consideration, it is necessary that they are either installed on grounded flooring, or equipped with a grounding cord for consistent performance.
  2. On mats requiring ground cords, ERGOMAT recommends installing 1 cord for every 36 sq. ft. of matting (or every 10M2) at a minimum.
  3. Ground cord installation requires 3 tools
    1. Razor knife
    2. Awl or other small hole punch
    3. Small phillips head screwdriver
  4. Before installation, mats with a surface profile will need to have 4 bubbles or four cones removed to the surface level of the mat.
  5. Step 4 can be skipped on smooth mat
  6. Puncture a small hole in the center of the removed bubbles or cones
  7. Turn mat over and insert snap and screw into threaded post on the underside of the mat.
  8. Align screw with post on the underside of ground cord and screw it firmly into the post.
  9. Connect the end of the wire leader directly to a grounded source like the screw in an electrical receptacle to complete installation.