DuraStripe Signs

Floors are the unsung heroes of Corporate America. They withstand thousands of footsteps, industrial machinery traffic, severe conditions like extreme hot and cold, corrosive chemical spills, cracking, chipping, and wear every single day. Your floors deserve high-performance, long-lasting signage products that can muscle through the demands you require to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. DuraStripe Floor Signage Systems are engineered to stand up to YOUR specific working conditions and consistently outperform any other floor marking products in the world. And all of our stock signs are available as peel & stick (standard), magnetic or glow!

Stock and custom design DuraStripe Glow Signs can be produced in sizes up to 18” (46cm)  to communicate important safety messages in the event of a power outage. Pricing: Standard DuraStripe sign + 35%   

Easy peel-&-stick installation makes these signs the simple, logical choice to prepare for improved facility safety when unexpected electrical problems occur.

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