Productivity Boosters

Productivity Boosters

Undoubtedly, every company struggles with increasing productivity. How can you increase your output in a shorter amount of time? Sometimes things will inevitable get away from you; we at Ergomat will help you catch right back up.

The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, is measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. How do improvements in Ergonomics and Lean Manufacturing give you more control over your output? They provide ways of doing things with more speed, with more energy, and with improved safety. These improvements bring structure to increasingly demanding, hectic environments and processes. You need a productivity partner that can take these things and make them better.

Getting things done the RIGHT WAY on the FIRST TRY

Life can be difficult in this fast paced day and age. With innovations in technology across all industries, your workforce is constantly being asked to do more with less time. Accuracy is often sacrificed for the sake of speed, creating a small margin of error that may cause big problems for both you and your customers.

Ergomat products provide the best ergonomic relief for workers in any industry. Our mats are proven to improve the health of workers, which directly correlates to the output potential of your processes. How much more could you get done in your day if you felt 100% at all times? What if your facility's best day was every day? Eliminating errors caused by worker fatigue and discomfort is just the first step in making sure you operate in the black, not the red.

How well do you utilize your space?

Continuous Improvement means to take a person, place, or a thing and make it better than it was before. Your company is powered by systems, which must sometimes adapt and improve. We must strive to get the most out of our systems, and especially get the most of our facilities' spaces.

DuraStripe's easy "peel and stick" applications create numerous vivid, long lasting, colorful communication tools that are simple, easy to understand, and create uniform systems throughout your facility. Our staff will work side by side with you to create systems and layouts that will allow you to use your facility to its greatest potential.

Sometimes starting a project that involves large changes can be intimidating. Let Ergomat guide you through your Continuous Improvement undertaking.

Thinking Ahead: Reduce Injury and Increasing Operational Safety

"In the first comprehensive review of its kind since 1999, a UC Davis researcher has estimated the national annual price tag of occupational injuries and illness at $250 Billion…"

With occupational health and safety issues accounting for such a tremendous amount of lost revenue, you'd think that people would give it the attention it deserves! Reports from OSHA ( and Bureau of Labor Statistics Expand Your Knowledge

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