X-Treme (3”x16’)

Color Options

This product is available in the following color options: White


OxyWrap is a unique new wound dressing product that is ideal for bandaging workplace, recreation, or home injuries. Latex and adhesive-free wrap with cross-elastic properties sticks to itself, but not to skin or hair. Easy to apply and easy to fix - even on body parts that are hard to dress and secure. Flexibility of the materials allows a patient to maintain almost complete range of motion when joints are wrapped. Oxywrap's breathability allows for faster healing, and it even keeps its form when it gets wet.

Available Options

Unparallelled for emergency first aid for larger wounds and for pre-treating injuries that may require an emergency room visit. No glue or residue left behind. Can be used together with ointments and soft creams with no need for additional clips or pins. Fits under gloves and is highly visible while protecting wounds at all times.

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