Ergomat Complete Deluxe

Warranty Info

5 years.
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Color Options

This product is available in the following color options: Charcoal


The Ergomat Complete Deluxe is the premier, fire-retardant, ergonomic flat mat. It offers static control as well as resistance to mild liquid exposures, including oils and non-abrasive environments. The resilient flat profile accommodates the movements of workers whose physical work process requires significant pivoting.

Available Options

• Available in dark charcoal • Molded in durable, lightweight virgin polyurethane • For use in dry, non-abrasive environments • Can be customized in any shape and size • Always beveled on every edge • Service temperature range 5°C (40°F) to 35°C (95°F) • Anti-static properties • ISO Cleanroom Class 5 (Class 100) rated • Available with yellow bevel • Silicone and latex free • Warranty up to 5 years depending on application

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