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Easy, accurate markers for efficient use of floor space

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Supreme V is the 5th generation of the original DuraStripe. It is the most versatile version available in that it combines durability and surface conformability to work in the broadest range of facilities with the broadest range of flooring conditions.

Mean Lean combines a measure of the low friction surface of Xtreme with a measure of the conformability of Supreme V to provide an economical DuraStripe option for appropriate environments.

Xtreme is hard surfaced, low friction striping material for new, smooth floors. Hard beveled edges help protect from pushed or dragged pallets, and shiny surface resists damage from turning and spinning wheels.

Floor Conditions

XtremeSupreme VMean LeanMultiflex**Cold Storage
New FloorsBestBestBestBestBest
Unsealed FloorOKBestGoodOKOK
Non-Skid/TexturedPossible With TestingPossible With TestingPossible With TestingPossible With TestingN/R

**Multiflex only available in Europe
N/R = Not Recommended

Working Environments

XtremeSupreme VMean LeanMultiflex**Cold Storage
Heavy Fork TrafficBestGoodBetterGoodGood
Dragged/Pushed Pallets*BetterGoodBestOKGood

*DuraStripe products are not warrantied against dragged/pulled pallets
**Multiflex only available in Europe
N/R = Not Recommended

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4.5" x 4.5", Type H (15 per pack)

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