Super Safe Ergo

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3 years.
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Color Options

This product is available in the following color options: Blue Green


Super Safe Ergo clings to flooring with a series of aggressive regularly spaced suction cups on the base to provide extreme security in wet, slippery environments. It is also infused with an anti-microbial additive to inhibit bacterial growth, making it an exceptional ergonomic mat for critical environments like hospital operating rooms and food processing facilities.

Available Options

• Virgin EPDM rubber • Infused with anti-microbial additive • Suction cups on base eliminate the possibility of mat sliding • Available in blue and green • Many standard sizes available. Call for specifics. • Always beveled on every edge • Service temperature range -40⁰C (-40⁰F) to 120⁰C (250⁰F) • Autoclavable 60cm x 90cm (2’ x 3’) • Can be pressure washed to 1,500 PSI • Broad pH resistance from 2-13 • Silicone and latex free • 3 year warranty

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