Vehicle & Pedestrian Kinetic ErgoGate 24"(60cm) CUBE Sign Combo

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When to use? In intersections where vehicle and pedestrian traffic come together. Pedestrian warning triggered by kinetic ErgoGate.

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Interactive Wireless CUBE Sign, 24" (60cm) Four Sided with 32' (10M) of LED Wireless receiver and 10 Amp power supply plus 2 wireless Motion sensors/2 V1 transmitters (2x 2amp Power supply), 1 kinetic receiver, 1 V1 Receiver and 5X10' (15M) 12V wire, 2 Smart Sensors & 1 remote, 2 Kinetic ErgoGates (includes gate, receiver & post)
2 Sides: Caution Pedestrian
2 Sides: Caution Forklift

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24" x 24"

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