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Liner Removal From DuraStripe Rolls, Shapes, and Signs

Easy removal for fast and painless reconfigurations.

Ergomat uses an easy release liner on all die-cut shapes and signs. If you encounter any difficulty removing the blue liner on these products, score it gently (through the liner only, not through the adhesive) with the point of a utility knife, fold the front of the shape back on itself so that the grey adhesive underneath is exposed. Pick lightly at the cut liner with the point of the utility knife to lift enough material off the adhesive to get a grip between your thumb and forefinger to remove the remainder of the liner.

We supply a liner remover with all rolls of DuraStripe which should be used the same way. Score the liner and fold the material back on itself to expose the adhesive under the liner , and peel the liner away from the adhesive.